Having a Purpose Could Prolong Your Life

Having a purpose in life is important if you want to prolong your years, according to recent studies. According to an article in Medical News Today: Past studies have indicated that many factors may help prolong life; eating nuts every day, increasing fiber intake and getting married are among a few. Now, new research suggests […]

Kafka: Thoughts on ‘Letter to His Father’

  “You ask me recently why I maintain that I am afraid of you,” Kafka writes to his father, beginning a long letter that attempts to supply an answer. The answer is illustrated through Kafka’s own reflections on his childhood, living with a domineering, over-powering and verbally-abusive dad, in whose shadows Kafka, in his own […]

The Need for Good, Powerful Stories

What is the value of stories, both oral and otherwise? Some people tend to see no value in storytelling other than as a fleeting entertainment. I think that is the wrong view. For starters, storytelling allows us to exercise the power of the imagination, which is central to being able to understand and relate to […]

Tuesday Tales: Nudist Colony

Being naked is a drag, especially if you have been naked and have lived with a lot of other naked people for too long. Your skin, exposed to the natural environment at first is prickly and sensitive then starts going numb once the novelty evaporates and the experience dissolves. Don’t get me wrong. It’s totally […]